Video of Chelsea and Leicester players engaged in fight

    Chelsea charged by FA after players' touchline clash with Daniel Amartey and Leicester stars    

Video of Chelsea and Leicester players engaged in fight

It all kicked off towards the end of Chelsea vs Leicester City, with virtually every player and substitute on the pitch and brawling.

Emotions will have been running high heading into the game, with Chelsea having been defeated by Leicester City in the FA Cup final on Saturday.

Both sides knew that defeat in this game would put them in real trouble of missing out on Champions League qualification, with Liverpool facing Burnley tomorrow.

Ultimately, it was Chelsea who came out on top in the contest, winning 2-1 through goals from Antonio Rudiger and Jorginho.

With Leicester City now in real danger of dropping out of the top four, their frustration evidently boiled over towards the end of the game.

After a strong challenge from Leicester full-back Ricardo on former teammate Ben Chilwell, Antonio Rudiger gave him a hefty shove in the back.

What follows was something that you’d be more likely to see in the WWE, with players, substitutes and staff all getting involved.

The only player booked, ironically, was Daniel Amartey, the man who was caught on video tossing the Chelsea pennant on the floor during the Leicester dressing room celebrations at Wembley.

Let’s be honest, as fans, we absolutely love to see it.

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