Steph McGovern Asked Her Guest To Join Her By Going Make-Up Free On Packed Lunch – Including Model Vogue Williams


They decided to embrace their natural beauty on Thursday’s show and it left viewers wowed.

The TV presenter invited co-stars Jacqui Smith and top chef Ruby Bhogal to follow her lead and they all gladly took her up on it.

Steph was inspired to make the move by Miss GB contestant Elle Seline.

She recently undertook a social media survey, and the results showed that over 60 per cent of women feel more confident with their make-up on.

So the Channel 4 star made a bold suggestion half an hour in to the programme on Thursday.

“I’m just throwing this out there,” she said. ” Shall we try and do the rest of the show without our make-up on?

“What if we take it off in the break and do the rest of the show without to show everyone what we look like?

“I mean, I look like a baby mole without make-up on,” she joked.

The presenters soon returned to the studio without the slap, and fans were impressed by the transformation.

They took to twitter to say they loved the message the presenter and the three guests sent out.

One viewer tweeted: “Ladies you just put out a good message today; be exactly who you want to be, make-up or not! You all looked great, even younger! Great show as always @PackedLunchC4 #stephspackedlunch.”

Another said: “You all look MUCH younger without makeup! I think it’s very ageing. I never wear it #stephspackedlunch.”

A third fan of the show said: “#stephspackedlunch Blimey, you all look the same, utterly gorgeous all of you! And Fiz has amazing skin. Without make up I have a red nose like Rudolph. I need my foundation to look half decent.”

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