Premier League In Spain Will Be On Dazn For Another Three Years


‘DAZN’ have announced that they will keep on showing the Premier League in Spain until 2025. This means that the 2022-23, 2023-24 and 2024-25 seasons will be on the channel as will the upcoming 2021-22 one.

The Premier League in Spain will keep on being shown by ‘DAZN’ until 2025. The online platform announced in an official statement that they had renewed their contract with the English league for another three seasons after this one. An agreement with ‘Movistar’ means that this content can also be seen on television as well as online.

“The renewal of our agreement with the Premier League until 2025 will allow us to keep on offering fans one of the most prestigious sports competitions in the world, reinforcing the successful agreements which we already have in the country,” Veronica Diquattro said.

“We’ll keep on working together to offer a better experience and better content to all Premier League fans in Spain. That way they can enjoy it as much as possible and discover new stories with the protagonists on and off the pitch,” he added.

Paul Molar of the Premier League also gave his view: “The Premier League is delighted to give the opportunity to continue this excellent relationship that it has with ‘DAZN’ in Spain. ‘DAZN’ is a leader of sports coverage in the market and Premier League fans will be able to enjoy more matches than ever before.”

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