Paredes, Messi And Neymar Chatted After The Copa America Final


One of the images of the Copa America final that did the rounds featured the trio of Paredes, Neymar and Messi. After the battle in the Maracana, the three talked amongst themselves, laughing as if nothing had happened. Parades commented on what was said during the chat

Argentina finally got their hands on the Copa America, leaving Messi smiling wider than ever and Neymar breaking down into tears. But their friendship overcame rivalries on the pitch as both of them as well as Paredes sat down to talk to one another on the steps, as if nothing had just happened.

The image went viral and Paredes recalled on ‘TyC Sports’ what was said during a chat which circulated around the world as a sign of sportmanship, kindness and friendship after a South American football classic.

“To be honest we didn’t talk about the final. We spoke about how we were, how our families were and what we were going to do on our holidays”, he revealed. Paredes wanted to highlight “the humility that they have to sit down (and talk) after such an important final” to speak about things that had nothing to do with the action on the pitch, calling it “incredible”.

The Argentine also explained that they had arranged to exchange shirts, but between the euphoria and sadness after the match they were unable to. However, they met up thanks to his mobile phone.

“We had arranged to swap our shirts, but we couldn’t. I was on the pitch and I went to look for my phone to talk to my family. I had a message from Neymar saying that he was waiting for me outside, so I went to find him,” he recalled.

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