Olivier Richters Has Claimed That His Recent Role Was The First X-Men Mutant In The Marvel Cinematic Universe


Richters played the role of Ursa Major, a mutant part of the Soviet Super-Soldiers, who has appeared in comics across the Marvel world.

Posting on Instagram, the actor explained what it was like to portray the role of Ursa in Black Widow and mentioned that it was a “dream” come true, adding that he hopes Marvel would “bring back Ursa in full form”.

The post reads: “Marvel Black Widow is out! After two years I can finally tell who my character is: Ursa Major, the first mutant (X-Men) to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Ursa is part of the Winter Guard, noted for being Russia’s answer to the Avengers. His power transforms him into an incredible bear, transcending The Hulk in size. Ursa appears many times in the comics fighting Wolverine and The Hulk.

“When production on set told me who I really was in Black Widow I [shed] some tears in my hotel room, because my movie dream became true: being [an] official comic superhero. I can only hope Marvel will bring back Ursa in full form.”

Richters shared a series of photos for the post, including one on the Black Widow set and a number of images of Ursa’s appearances in different Marvel comics.

He also thanked MCU viewers for their support and “amazing” messages that he’s received via social media.

“Ps. Thanks for all the amazing private messages on Instagram about seeing me in the cinema. I read everything, I just can’t respond to 500+ DM’s,” he added.

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