Neymar Was One Of The Architects Of Sergio Ramos’ Move To PSG


‘Sport’ reported that Neymar was one of the architects of Sergio Ramos’ move to PSG. Both have a good relationship since the Spaniard tried to persuade the Brazilian in 2017 to go to Madrid.

On this occasion, it was the other way around: the ’10’ spoke to his club to convince him to sign the centre-back, who he considers key to winning the coveted Champions League.

With the exception of Haaland and Mbappé, Sergio Ramos has been, so far, the biggest sensation of the current transfer window. After a sporting life linked to Real Madrid, the centre-back signed for PSG to lead the Parisians to the Champions League.

In addition, the former Madrid player did not arrive as just another player. He is one of the highest paid players in the squad, more specifically in the second rung of salaries, only behind Mbappé and Neymar. His sporting career is his endorsement.

At this juncture, the newspaper ‘Sport’ delved into the signing of the Spaniard by the Parisians and revealed who was the main architect of his arrival. It was none other than Neymar, the team’s main star.

The aforementioned media outlet explained that the Brazilian and the Spaniard have had a very good relationship since 2017, the year in which the roles were swapped. The Madrid captain at that time wanted to convince him to sign for ‘Los Blancos’, but it didn’t happen.

In that year, both Barça, the team where Neymar was playing, and Madrid met in the International Champions League, a pre-season tournament. The Bernabeu club asked Ramos to speak to the ‘Canarinha’ player to find out if he was willing to leave Barcelona for Madrid, something that never happened.

On this occasion, the ’10’ has done well. He was the one who spoke directly to the club to ask for the signing of Ramos, who he considers key and fundamental to the team if they want to win the Champions League, which they have been approaching for two consecutive seasons.

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