Lil Nas X’s New Single Features Jack Harlow And Was Produced By Take A Daytrip And Kanye West


The marketing genius himself, Lil Nas X has commenced the flawless rollout for his new single “Industry Baby,” sharing a preview of the music video, which documents his court case with Nike over his “Satan shoes.”

Following the release of his #1-charting single “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name),” the rapper partnered with MSCHF to release a pair of Nike Air Max 97 which had a single drop of blood in the air bubble. Nike filed a lawsuit over the shoes, claiming that they didn’t authorize the sale of the kicks. The court case seemingly kicked off this week, starting the official rollout of LNX’s next single.

Known for disrupting the public with his releases, Lil Nas X has dropped yet another eye-catching preview for his upcoming single. Releasing “Industry Baby” on July 23, LNX assumed many roles for the music video, playing the judge, the lawyer, himself, and a few other characters. The snippet sees the artist on the stand, being questioned about the shoes when the judge asks the all-important question. “Are you gay? Or better yet, does your mama know you’re gay?” he asked. Lil Nas responded that while that has nothing to do with the trial, his mother is aware. His answer got him sentenced to five years in MONTERO prison.

“Industry Baby” arrives this week with a feature from Jack Harlow, and production from Take A Daytrip and Kanye West. Lil Nas X has been teasing this song for months on social media. Are you excited to watch the video when it’s out?

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