Jason Manford Has Recreated Les Dawson’s Famous Drag Sketch For A New Documentary


The 40-year-old comedian has teamed up with ‘Cold Feet’ star John Thomson to play classic characters Cissie and Ada 34 years after they were last played by Roy Barraclough and Les.

As reported by the Daily Star newspaper’s Hot TV column, Jason and John have recreated one of the sketches for new ITV programme ‘Les Dawson: The Lost Tapes’.

Les’ widow Tracy – who has already seen the new footage – said: “The sketch is fabulous.

“Les would be absolutely over the moon. John plays Ada like Les used to years ago.

“And when I looked away from the screen and just listened, it was like it was Les talking. John is so good.”

Meanwhile, Tracy recently revealed she and their daughter Charlotte, 28, believe Les – who sadly died aged 62 in 1993 – has been reincarnated as a robin and they see the bird every day.

She told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: “There is a robin that visits Charlotte’s house and we believe it is Les.

“It is there every day. It knocks on her window. It’s the same robin that keeps coming back.

“Charlotte will be in the kitchen and she’ll hear him on the patio window and she’ll run and see him. He comes and she talks to him. It’s so lovely.”

Les believed in reincarnation, and he “often” told his family he’d be “around” them after he died.

She added: “Les believed in all of that stuff. He really believed in the cosmic force and he believed he would always be around us.

“Les often talked about it. He believed in life after death. He spent time with Buddhists and learned from that. He never believed death was the end.”

‘Les Dawson: The Lost Tapes’ airs on Tuesday (20.07.21) at 9pm on ITV.

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