Ice-T And His Daughter Chanel Nicole Look Identical In A New Photo Shared By Coco


A picture of Ice-T’s daughter Chanel Nicole with her mother Coco Austin is going viral on social media with fans remarking how much Chanel looks like her famous father.

The five-year-old daughter of Ice-T and Coco looks identical to the rapper, as pointed out by hundreds of fans over the weekend.

Coco posted a gallery of photos from this weekend, carrying her little one in the final picture. People have been leaving astounded comments all morning, stating, “That kid look just like her daddy” and “Ice T dont need no paternity test.”

On Twitter, the comments resulted in Ice-T becoming a trending topic. This isn’t the first time that people are pointing out Chanel Nicole and Ice-T’s facial similarities, and it definitely won’t be the last.

Recently, Ice-T clapped back at people who were critical of his acting skills. Rapper Soulja Boy also reflected on his feud with the iconic music star, claiming that Ice-T was “confused” while they were at each other’s necks. Hip-hop’s “original gangsta” turned sixty-three years old earlier this year. Take a look at him with his five-year-old daughter and let us know if you think they look alike.

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