Hollyoaks Nadine Mulkerrin Met With People Suffering From Eating Disorders For A New Film


The 28-year-old actress’ alter-ego Cleo McQueen battled an eating disorder and recently relapsed after three years in recovery and Nadine took part in the new documentary in order to help those who are suffering.

The doc sees her speaking to anorexia survivor Ben Robinson, who told her: “Anorexia always controlled me in the past, whereas I control anorexia now, so it’s something that I don’t think will ever go away, but it’s something that I won’t let control my life.”

Speaking previously about the short film, titled ‘Hollyoaks: IRL’, Nadine told Metro.co.uk: “I’d met Ben before when we did the Beat documentary, so he wasn’t a stranger. It was amazing! It was so, so nice to see Ben again. I’m always chuffed, and it feels like a bit of an honour when we do these special issue-based storylines at work. It was fantastic!

“We get on really well. I always ask so many questions! His story is so real, and it’s so close to what Cleo went through. He nearly died and had a cardiac arrest. He’s so open and honest. I asked him off-camera if it was okay to talk to him about everything, and he said there was no question I couldn’t ask, which is pretty powerful! And with the pandemic, it’s been just over two years since we’ve seen each other, but it’s just like we clicked our fingers and was like: ‘where did the last two years go?!’ it was mad!”

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