Harry Kane Has Been Rumoured On His Way Out Of Tottenham For Months


‘Football Insider’ assures that the only way Tottenham will let Harry Kane leave the club will either be for 150 million euros or for a deal involving 100 million plus players. Manchester United remain best positioned to secure his signing.

The news and rumours regarding Harry Kane continue to come through. Various clubs have him on their agendas, including Real Madrid and Manchester United. ‘Football Insider’ informs on Tottenham’s reported asking price of an amount more than or equal to 150 million euros.

They revealed that this offer now extends to an amount of around 100 million plus the transfers of two players to the club. It certainly presents itself as an ambitious request, with the ‘Red Devils’ positioned as favourites. Their track record so far in the transfer market has maintained their spot in pole position.

The main element that may help reduce his price tag will be if he wants to really leave the club. On the last day of the Premier League season, he was famously seen on the field on his own saying goodbye to the fans, which was met by cheers from the crowd.

At this summer’s European Championship – which he could still end up winning – Kane has showed his quality once again. While he may have spent the first few matches experiencing a minor goal draught, he ended up opening his account and has since become England’s top scorer in the space of three consecutive matches. He scored against Germany, hit a brace against Ukraine before also finding the back of the net against Denmark.

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