Gemma Oaten Suffered A Miscarriage Three Years Ago


The ‘Emmerdale’ actress has previously been open about her battle with anorexia, and she has now, three weeks after going to a fertility clinic to look at the prospect of her having kids, spoken out for the first time about going through a miscarriage in 2018.

She wrote on Instagram: “Eating Disorders and Fertility.

I have been wanting to share this video for a while now. But never had the time or courage, but now I’ve realised this deserves my time and I’ve found my strength.

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been told “you’re so good with kids Gem, you’re a mum before you’re a mum.” Then anorexia took hold and the conversation was about how if I carried on like this I may not be able to have children. I buried my head in the sand… That won’t happen to me. The last ten years though, being well, away from the eating disorder, its become more and more prominent on my mind.

This video is longer than I normally post. Some say you shouldn’t do long form videos as people lose interest. But then I realised, the people who need it will. This isn’t about likes and numbers, this is real life

3 weeks ago I went to a Fertility clinic to look at the prospect of having children, freezing my eggs… facing up to my fears. Having had a miscarriage three years ago, something I’ve never spoken about until now, and also being a single 37 year old, it’s was time to be brave. So here I am, heart exposed and arms wide open, saying “here I am!” and if it helps one person, its worth it. (sic)”

The actress – who played Rachel Breckle in the ITV soap – is hoping to help others by being open about how eating disorders can affect fertility.

Gemma – who is a patron for her parents’ eating disorder support charity SEED – added: “Too much is not discussed about eating disorders and the impact they have on the lives of sufferers and loved ones because of stigmas. So many stigmas. We need to be open to create change in the conversation. One of the long term affects of an eating disorder is that on Fertility. For men and for women. It’s so important people know the risks, understand more. Not to scare monger, but to be aware. And if, like me, this is going to be a challenge, I’m posting this so you know you’re not alone. I’m positing this for anyone who is at the early stages of an eating disorder to implore them to reach out, to those who are ED free to never go down this path, to those who have lost the chance to give birth, to feel hope, to those like me, who never dreamed this would be a reality, to know, we’ve got this. I’m posting this for anyone who has struggled with conception to know, as I do now, you can be a parent NO MATTER WHAT.

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