FC Barcelona Will Have To Sell Antoine Griezmann This Summer If They Want To Register Leo Messi With La Liga


According to information from ‘Deportes Cuatro’, FC Barcelona will have to sell Antoine Griezmann this summer if they want to register Leo Messi with La Liga.

His main option looks to be the Premier League, where the club should be able to get 70 million euros for his transfer.

Barcelona are still hard at work trying to balance the books at the club, and ensuring that Leo Messi’s contract renewal becomes a reality. Some players have had to lower their wages, however the squad’s elevated figures still remain intact.

The first obstacle in confirming the continuity of the Argentina star revolves around Antoine Griezmann. The Frenchman is currently on an extremely high wage, even more so considering the times that the Catalan club are going through. If he doesn’t consider a drastic reduction, Barca will have no choice but to sell him.

In fact, ‘Deportes Cuatro’ reports that Barcelona will have to let go of the player, no matter what. If they don’t, Messi won’t be able to register, simple as that. For that reason, Joan Laporta is hoping that a Premier League club will be willing to part ways with the necessary cash. They will need to fork out around 70 million euros for his transfer.

Some of the other heavyweights at the club have already found themselves affected by the situation. This can be seen in the case of Busquets, Jordi Alba and Pique, whose salaries were cut by 40%. Nevetherless, it doesn’t look like that them staying at the club will be under threat, as they will likely accept the wage cuts.

In the case that he says yes to Barcelona, Messi himself will have to give in some of his economic requests. Though the Argentine certainly won’t be inconvenienced, given that his priority is simply to stay at the Camp Nou.

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