Euro 2020 Final Draws In Staggering 31million On BBC And ITV Making It Third Most-Watched TV Event Of All Time


A staggering 31million people tuned in to watch the Euro 2020 final on Sunday night.

The final, which saw England suffer a crushing defeat against Italy after the game went to penalties, had a combined peak audience of 31.1m viewers across both channels, with an average of 21.8m and overall share of 82%.

According to viewing figures on Monday morning, BBC1’s share had an average of 17.8m viewers, while ITV’s broadcast of the game drew in 4m.

At its peak, the channels had a combined 90% share with some 25m (74%) tuning into the coverage of BBC1, and 5.8m (17.1%) heading to ITV.

This made the game the third most-watched event in TV history.

The viewing figures are trumped only by the World Cup 1966 final, which was watched by 32.3m, and Princess Diana’s funeral in September 1997 with 32.1m.

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