Emerson Was Ball Watching For England’s Goal Which Broke The Deadlock Against Italy


Emerson was ball watching for England’s goal which broke the deadlock against Italy, After this, Leonardo Spinazzopla, who the Chelsea man is replacing, was trending topic on Twitter and Italy fans rued his absence.

England took less than 120 seconds to draw first blood. Southgate’s men could not start the Euro 2020 final better after Luke Shaw gave England the lead after one minute and 57 seconds.

Kieran Trippier put a ball to the far post and the Man Utd man hit home past Donnarumma to make it 0-1 at Wembley.

And social media noticed it. The Roma player, despite his absence, was trending topic on Twitter because of his teammate’s error. He was distracted while trying to prevent Trippier putting the cross in.

The Chelsea man could have marked the Atletico man better and Trippier was one with the assist.

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