Dexter’s Upcoming Revival Series Is Bringing Back Another Dead Character


The original show starring Michael C Hall ended controversially back in 2013, with Dexter Morgan’s sister Debra – played by Jennifer Carpenter – killed off. The serial killer then faked his own death and started a new life elsewhere.

TVLine has now reported that Carpenter, who appeared in all eight previous seasons, will be reprising her role.

No story details about Debra’s return have been confirmed, but it’s likely that she will appear either in a flashback or as a hallucination.

Carpenter’s comeback follows the news that John Lithgow, who played the Trinity Killer in season 4, will also show up in the revival.

Speaking to Deadline this week following his Emmy nomination for Perry Mason, Lithgow teased that Dexter’s new 10-episode series will have “all sorts of wonderful surprises and callbacks from the first few seasons”.

  1. “As all Dexter fans know, we saw the end of the Trinity Killer, so that by definition means it’s a flashback,” he added.

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