Chelsea centre-back set to leave club permanently

    Chelsea centre-back set to leave club permanently    

Chelsea centre-back set to leave club permanently

AC Milan centre-back Fikoyo Tomori — who is on loan from Chelsea — has been enjoying himself in Italy lately. In fact, he’s been so good that according to reports, Milan want to negotiate with Chelsea regarding the purchase option at the end of the season.

There are a lot of Chelsea players that came into the limelight last season under former coach Frank Lampard. He knew that they wouldn’t get to spend money for another couple of transfer windows. Because of that, they would have to make do with a Hazard-less Chelsea team that lacked a true talisman.

However, he turned to the academy and boy, Lampard found some truly great players that would go on to help the team in a lot of ways during the season, and even beyond. One of them (Mount) would even bench a certain 70 million signing for fun the next season, but this article isn’t about that player.

Now, one of those players was Fikayo Tomori, a very tall, quick centre-back that came into the limelight last season. He played well. Yes, he had his off days and his inconsistencies, but usually, he was pretty solid. I liked what I saw from him.


Why did Chelsea loan Tomori out? How has he been playing for his new club?

But, as the next season started, Lampard brought in the veteran Thiago Silva — a player that is 36 years old but has still been arguably one of the best and most underrated centre-backs in the world this season.

Because of that, Tomori went even further down in the pecking order. He didn’t play a whole lot last season but still got 20 games under his belt. However, as Chelsea were struggling, they had to play their best players in all games and, to be honest, Tomori wasn’t one of them. So he was loaned out to Milan for the rest of the season after just three appearances for the parent club.

Now, since he joined the legendary Italian outfit, he has been quite decent. He has played 13 games for the club, and has started to become a mainstay at the centre-back position, starting the last 10 games for the club.

He has impressed the club so much that they’re willing to trigger their option to buy at the end of the season, as per the reliable Fabrizio Romano. He states that while they want to buy him permanently, they also want to get him for a lower price, which Chelsea aren’t open to negotiating on. The final decision regarding the English centre-back would be made at the end of the season.

This has also been talked about before by Milan director, and I think there’s stuff happening behind the scenes right now.

I think that if this happens, it’s a great deal for all parties involved. It doesn’t seem to me that Tomori would’ve had many starts under Tuchel, who clearly prefers Antonio Rudiger, Thiago Silva and Cesar Azpilicueta and even Andreas Christensen.  On the other hand, Milan have enjoyed having Tomori at the heart of their defense, and from what it seems, Tomori seems to be enjoying himself at Milan! So, what’s the issue?

Exactly. There isn’t one.

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