AC Milan Announced On Tuesday That Ivan Gazidis Has Been Diagnosed With Throat Cancer


Bad news for Milan. The Rossoneri announced on Tuesday that Ivan Gazidis has been diagnosed with throat cancer.

The good news is that it has been detected and that the prognosis is good. “Based on an extensive series of tests and scans, doctors expect he will make a full recovery,” Milan said in a statement.

Gazidis spoke in Milan’s statement about his illness and the treatment ahead.

“Of course, there is never a good time for a diagnosis of cancer. But I have a very curable form of cancer and a positive diagnosis. I have world class medical expertise and the support of so many loved ones and everyone at the Club,” he began.

“I am confident based on all advice that the cancer will be treated successfully, with a full recovery. My diagnosis demonstrates the importance of regular medical check ups, even if you don’t have symptoms.  I would encourage everyone to prioritise their health and to make sure, even in the day to day obligations of life and work, that they have their regular medical checkups,” Gazidis continued.

Gazidis also talked about the club: “We have a strong team, both on and off the pitch and I have full faith in their ability to drive our Club forward over the coming weeks. See you soon and always Forza Milan,” he concluded.

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